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Congratulations on the decision to renovate your home! Whether you’re doing it to improve the value of the house for sale or because you want to enjoy it more, renovations are both exciting and complex.

Call in the experts for home renovations in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. We can help you fix up your home to operate as it should with the new setup. Whatever you need doing with your plumbing during a renovation, Henderson Plumbing & Excavations is up to the job.


Renovating a bathroom isn’t as simple as it sounds when plumbing is involved. It’s better to have a professional plumber help in the process so that everything works as it should and is up to code.

If you’re replacing any of your bathroom items, like the toilet, tub or sink, a plumber can help with installing everything securely. Drainage is also an essential part of building an ideal bathroom, ... Read more
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Equipment on a kitchen floor — Henderson Plumbing & Excavations in Heads South, NSW


What’s the most critical part of the kitchen? The sink! At least, that’s what we think. Plumbing for kitchen sinks and dishwashers can be tricky during a renovation. If you’re installing a new sink or relocating it to a new part of the space, you’ll need a professional to make sure it’s done right.

Dishwashers can also be complex to install. Let us help you make it seamless and straightforward, so you won’t have to fix water damage from a leak down the road.


Whenever you’re renovating your laundry, we can help with the plumbing and appliance installations. It can be tricky to make sure your plumbing is set up to accommodate a new washing machine, especially if you plan to put it in a different spot around the room.

We’ve handled many laundry rooms with washers and dryers of all different types. We’re happy to help you get yours installed, wherever you want it. Read more
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