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Keeping your water hot

Problems with your hot water system could be costing you money. Repairs and servicing can stop unnecessary spending and increase the overall efficiency of your hot water system.

Henderson Plumbing & Excavations helps with every part of your hot water system, from installations, servicing, repairs and inspections. We’re proud to offer reliable, high-quality service for an affordable price.

Hot Water System Repairs

What do you do when the hot water stops? Call Henderson Plumbing & Excavations! We know how to get your hot water system back to working as it should.

We’ve been working with hot water systems for years and encountered almost every problem you could imagine. Because of our experience, we can quickly narrow down what might be happening with your system so we can get it repaired sooner.

Our priority is getting the job done right. We want to leave you satisfied, knowing it’s a job well done that won’t fail on you in a few months.
Hot water heater repair — Henderson Plumbing & Excavations in Heads South, NSW
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Hot Water System Maintenance

Did you know that hot water systems need regular maintenance? We recommend that you get your hot water tank and system serviced once a year in order to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Catch problems early
  • Extend the lifetime of your hot water system
  • Keep your system at peak performance
We can put you on a servicing schedule to keep your heater up to date on maintenance. If you have an extensive hot water system or you use it more than average, such as for a hotel or laundry facility, you may need servicing and inspections more frequently.

Contact Henderson Plumbing & Excavations for a free, no-obligation quote on hot water system repairs or maintenance!
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